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nine facts about my family

  • i’m the middle child eugh eugh eugh
  • but my sister is totally rad and my brother, while gross and smelly and little boy-y, is adorable
  • we (me, mum, dad, sister) used to live in southampton in england but we moved while mum was pregnant with baby bro
  • you should never play scrabble with my grandfather ever he once created his own scrabble squares
  • my irish side of the family is…. really fucking irish and huge and irish
  • whereas all my english side are all second and third cousins and stuff and they’re all completely mad and i always mix their names up but can sort of tell which ones are from blackpool and which ones are from yorkshire
  • fun family trivia: my irish family’s surname used to be my english family’s surname
  • fun family trivia round two: arthur conan doyle stole my fortune!!! (he was mates with an ancestor of ours and convinced him to buy all his employees cars and he went bankrupt and lost his factory and yeah that was my inheritance cheers acd)
  • idk it’s swell??? my family are the best basically

seven facts about my childhood

  • i used to have five “”“boyfriends”“” in primary school eh eh
  • i remember these incredible pink pig biscuits from when we lived in southampton and i haven’t had them in years but they were sugary and pink and had a cherry on them i think? ugh god gorgeous
  • when we moved over here i had no idea who the pope was and my first bit of work in my new catholic school was writing about him
  • i used to eat carrots on different sides of my mouth and make sure i ate an equal amount on each side so that both eyes got the same seeing power
  • one of my favourite childhood memories is when me and my friend jake tipped over his bed and got every toy he had and made a huge den and i ended up stitting on a flashing firetruck and it was really uncomfortable but lots of fun?? also there was a game where we made treasure maps out of old wall paper and also a game i played with him and my friend aoife about monsters and her dad would hide and you had to turn out all the lights and creep around and not be found and yeah basically highlight of my entire childhood
  • we went on loads of holidays when i was young - italy, greece, disneyland where i never got to go on the dumbo ride which was a childhood trauma resolved like ten years later or s/t
  • favourite thing to do on a sunny friday afternoon: orange calypo (ice lolly), beano comic, blanket on the grass outdoors ahhhhh

three facts about my personality

  • i basically need constant reminding that people love/like/can tolerate me and alwsys feels like i’m annoying them so yeah pander to my needs and feed my ego whenever u feel like it pls
  • um um i’m enfj or enfp? tests have been giving me different things lately which is weird but yes def enf although funnily i don’t think i’m particularly introverted or extroverted but i am ok in social situations mostly so seem to get pushed into the e category idk idk (lmao not that introverted ppl aren’t that makes me sound dickish i think i’m just really borderline and a few things push me into e)
  • i love pissing people off it’s one of my top favourite things yaaay drama and fights (i’m a kid shut up) (also yeah only when they deserve it obvs i’m not a dick for no reason)

two facts about my favourite things

  • this one is weird bc what level of favourite things are we talking?? idk i’m picking objects: my zebra zippy as previously mentioned in my purple bedroom thing - i bought her for myself for my 12th birthday and she’s basically my fave teddy ever and has cuddled me through lots of sad times and creepy movies
  • my memory box is a personal thing i keep in my room with tickets from places like the olympics, a bracelet from a girl i used to be friends with who was important to me, post it notes from lincoln when i met katie who is one of the best people on this earth etc etc just a lotta memories yeup

five facts about my best friend

  • at our formal (prom) i was really drunk and said I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BUT…. BUT AS A FRIEND and like it was your general drunk admittance of love but it was the moment we became besties and also he’s never let it go bc i was apparently ridiculously out of it
  • i baked him a great gatsby cake for his bday!! it had green icing and the eyes of tj eckleburg on top it was super
  • wrt gatsby our friendship was formed over both talking about juxtaposition in english class and since then we literally talk in quotes from our english texts it’s super dumb and nerdy and great
  • he’s saved on my phone as hash king bc he went to france and got stoned and it was fucking hilarious bc he’s so not that type of person
  • idk emotionally feelsy one but he’s just the super best and one of those people i can feel completely myself with even though we’ve actually only known each other since september but yeah we’re really close and it’s all swell and cute cute cute

ten facts about my room

  • it’s rlly messy rn and one of my goals for today was tidy it but oops
  • the walls are a lilacy purple that i chose when i was eightish and probably wouldn’t have chosen it today but i like them anyway
  • i don’t have a proper box or table or anything for my make up i just kneel on the floor next to my mirror so all my makeup sits around the mirror and it’s slowly consuming my room
  • i have a number of teddies sitting about and two, a panda and a zebra, are always in my bed when i sleep aww
  • looking around me i can see FIVE folders of schoolwork and i know i have more under my desk god i am so disorganised
  • my wardrobe is like a baby walk in wardrobe? more like a cupboard? anyway it’s great for hide and seek
  • other colour schemes in my room are black, pink, and white
  • my room is the warmest in the house bc it’s next to the boiler and whenever somebody uses the water it makes this loud whirring which people always freak out about when they hear it on skype bc it’s weird
  • i don’t sleep on a bed, i sleep on two matresses on top of each other bc <3 hippie life <3
  • there’s a hole in one of my floorboards and i have lost literally thousands of bobby pins to that monster and i’m pretty sure it’s given me back crap tons of spiders NOT NICE
green and black

eight facts about my appearance

  • i wear makeup p much everywhere i go apart from home holla major self confidence issues (but also bc i love makeup)
  • i’m 5’6”? 5’7”? the goal was always 5’9” sigh
  • i have a really nice nose like it’s straight and cute and i prefer sharp features but i actually really like my cute nose
  • i have pretty big eyes anyway but i can make them go real big and cross eyed and have one looking out and all kinds of witchcraft
  • the last time i dyed my hair was with henna months ago but i still get complimented on its auburn reddy tinge thing which is weird
  • my boobs are my favourite! i’m 32e now which like shouldn’t even be a size what??? also they’re kind of famous bc once i smuggled vodka into a party with them woo
  • i’m pretty hot ngl
  • liquid eyeliner is my bitch nowadays (watch it fuck up on me tomorrow morning for saying this god)

one fact about the person i like

  • this one is tricky bc i’m trying not to like him bc he’s ugh he’s sort of a dick and he’s sort of a cutie while also being a straight male so that’s a bit of a car crash but as i’m trying to get over him (which is going p well actually!!!) let’s be bitchy: he’s a crappy kisser
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